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IP Streaming Devices

Common man’s definition –
IP Streaming is the process of recording a Video Conferencing session and showing it on computer/s on an IP network. This signal or video conferencing stream could be shown ‘live’ or could be recorded for viewing later. The link for viewing the Video Conferencing session could be put on a website or could be sent by email.

Intro –
The IP Streaming devices make it easy to create content by capturing video and data from your standard H.323 video conferencing equipment:

  • Call the IP Streaming device direct to record a presentation
  • Connect the IP Streaming device to your MCU to record a conference
  • Record both sides of a point to point call simply by dialing a prefix before the number—both sides will be recorded in a single stream using picture in picture or a side by side layout

The Data content can be anything displayed on a computer screen, not just slides, and it does not need to be uploaded in advance. You can capture live from your video conference endpoint using Dual Video.

Users can receive the stream using a browser on a computer. They enter the URL of the server, and the server starts the encoded audio/video stream over the Internet to the computer. Plug-Ins for the browser exist that are capable of decoding both RealVideo and Windows media streams. The user can thus see and hear the participants in the streamed videoconference in near real-time. Alternatively, a user can connect to the server at a latter date and view the archived version of the videoconference.

Trend –
The flexibility of these devices will soon drive out the VHS, VCD or DVD recorders that are currently being used to record VC sessions. We can record lectures and presentations, along with the slides to allow later viewing or archive onto a DVD disc. Conventions and company meetings can now be stored and streamed using your existing equipment. We can broadcast and record important video conversations from a guest presenter or the Chairman.

One hot trend coming up is recording of interviews of job applicants or patients to be replayed to the senior staff later if and whenever required.

Options/USPs –

  • Record VC sessions with live streaming option
  • Record video and slides from standard VC equipment
  • The content can be streamed live
  • Or played back on demand at multiple speeds
  • Play back to a PC or any VC endpoint
  • Unicast and Multicast streaming options
  • Record in-house presentations/trainings!
  • Use the built in storage, export to an external streaming server or burn onto a CD or DVD

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