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Lighting Control Systems

Common man’s definition –
Lighting Control Systems are devices that control the lighting fixtures (bulbs) by way of giving pre-assigned dimming presets. Since the dimming is digital, there is significant savings in terms of lower energy consumption and longer life for the lighting fixtures.

Intro –
A lighting control system gives you the power to transform a space to suit any mood. Almost any environment can be enhanced; retail, hospitality, galleries, museums, themed venues, lecture theatres, boardrooms, ballrooms and more.

The Products range from simple wall controls that dim room lights (like the rotary control you probably have on your dining room wall) to complex systems that can control an entire home or building. And manufacturers now provide a vast range of user control panels to suit any budget and to match any décor.

Options/USPs –

  • Implement lighting controls to improve productivity, increase flexibility, improve aesthetics and most importantly for energy saving
  • Provides ‘Digital’ dimming with lighting presets and transition periods for ease of use
  • Reduced energy consumption and the cost savings resulting from extended bulb life are two very practical reasons to use dimming and lighting controls
  • Adapt the lighting in conference rooms, partitionable spaces for multiple purposes
  • Dim to create the perfect mood and add drama to your home, works of art and landscape
  • Decrease the amount of times you need to change your light bulbs
  • Provide employees with personal control of workspace lighting
  • Reduce glare at computer workstations

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