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LCD Screens & TV's

Common man’s definition –
A LCD display is a slim and flat panel display that is most popularly seen used as computer monitors. These are available in a huge range of sizes starting from 15” upto 55” diagonal. A LCD display with a TV tuner in-built is called a ‘LCD TV’ and if the TV tuner is not in-built is called a ‘LCD Monitor’

Intro –
Flat panel TV displays like LCDs and Plasmas are significantly brighter and feature higher contrasts than traditional CRT sets. This means that a LCD display will perform exceedingly well under most ambient light conditions. A brightly lit room won't wash out its picture, nor will lamplight cause a glare on your television screen. The beauty of these flat screens is that you don't have to turn out the lights to see the image clearly and easily. Nor do you have to worry about eyestrain, since neither LCDs nor Plasmas flicker the way old-fashioned TVs do.

And, you can watch TV from almost anywhere in a room since flat-screen LCD television displays can have up to a 160° viewing angle, which means your TV will look good when viewed from any point 80° in either direction from the center of the display.

The average lifespan of one of these displays is 60,000 hours. If watching TV was your full-time job, and you did it 24 hours a day, it would take you almost 7 years to wear out your LCD display. With more normal viewing habits of, say, 8 hours per day, you can extend the lifespan of your TV by a decade or more (to about 20 years)!

Trend –
The LCD Displays are giving a tough fight to the Plasma Displays currently. While Plasma Displays are the current size champions, LCD Displays are catching up in size with their developing technology, and may surpass Plasmas in the near future.

For most consumers, LCD TVs will best function as a flat-panel PC display first and a TV second. If you live in a small apartment or have a home office, an LCD Television can save space and be cost effective. These could probably replace your 27-inch living room TV anytime soon.

Options/USPs –

  • Multiple sizes – 15”, 17”, 19” 20”, 21”, 26”, 27”, 32”, 40”, 46”, 52”, 55” diagonal
  • Available with TV Tuner in-built
  • Video-wall configurable
  • Interactive overlay available
  • Color palette – upto 6.4 billion colors
  • Life – upto 120,000 hours

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