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Plasma Screens & TV's

Common man’s definition –
A Plasma display is a large flat panel display that is slim (<4”) and is capable of being used as a TV or as a presentation monitor. A Plasma display with a TV tuner in-built is called a ‘Plasma TV’ and if the TV tuner is not in-built is called a ‘Plasma Monitor’

Intro –
Plasma Displays are very commonly used in corporate and home theater environments. A plasma television is idea for the home theater enthusiast who wants the best possible picture while saving space.It is also popular in Meeting Rooms to make your meeting room PC and multimedia friendly and in Executive Offices in order to get the high-tech look to impress customers.

Currently the most popular applications for Plasma Displays are in Corporate Lobbies, Digital Signage and Video Conferencing.

Trend –
Recently there has been a race to see who can build the largest plasma display. In January 2005, Samsung released a 80" plasma and then shortly thereafter came out with a 102" plasma.

At Infocomm-USA, Panasonic unveiled the 103" plasma display with 1080p (progressive) High Definition resolution. With a display of 1920 x 1080, it's not just big, it's High Definition. A plasma display that size is a great concept for large presentation display, but a bigger screen size means an even bigger price tag.

Options/USPs –

  • Multiple sizes - 42”, 50”, 61”, 63”, 71”, 80”, 84” diagonal
  • Available with TV Tuner in-built
  • Option of ‘portrait’ mounting
  • Video-wall configurable
  • Interactive overlay available
  • Color palette – upto 549 billion colors
  • Panel Life – upto 60,000 hours

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