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Multimedia Projectors

Common man’s definition –
A Multimedia Projector is a presentation device used to show content from a Computer or Video Source on a large screen in order to benefit easier viewing for a larger number of viewers.

Intro –
As far as critical equipment goes, the multimedia projector you choose for your make-or-break presentation is as important as it gets. You can spend hours memorizing figures, writing witty anecdotes on note cards, and ironing that power suit. But even if your content is knock-'em dead good, the effectiveness of your presentation depends on the audience being able to see it clearly. A high quality multimedia projector can make the difference between a presentation that sings or falls flat.

Trend –
The projector industry has exploded as notebook computers and multimedia projectors have replaced slide trays and transparencies in conference rooms everywhere. The size and price of multimedia projectors have shrunk accordingly, as manufacturers scramble to cater to businesses that want projection devices that are as small and affordable as the laptops their presentations are built on.

Different projection technologies have helped pave the way for the current crop of low-weight machines. Of course, depending on the type of projector you need, weight may not be a factor at all. Not that that makes your decision any easier - choosing a model with the correct resolution, brightness, and other features can still be a difficult task.

Options/USPs –

  • Both Rear & Front projection available
  • Ceiling & wall mounted options available
  • Wired & Wireless LAN projectors available
  • USB pen drive compatible projectors available
  • Projectors with PCMCIA memory card slot available
  • Lightweight portable models available
  • Home theatre models available
  • Projector with in-built computer available
  • And yes…the regular run-of-the-mill low-cost models also available

Catalogs –

Epson EMP S4
Epson EMP X3
Epson EMP 62
Epson EMP 82
Epson EMP 750
Epson EMP 755
Epson EMP 760
Epson EMP 765
Epson EMP 1700
Epson EMP 1705
Epson EMP 1710
Epson EMP 1715
Epson EMP 821
Epson EMP 6100
Epson EMP 830
Epson EMP 835
Epson EMP 7900
Epson EMP 7950
Epson EMP 8300

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