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VC Light Fixtures

Common man’s definition –
These are specialized light fixtures that when properly arranged help eliminate lighting related issues in a Videoconferencing setup.

Intro –
In any Videoconferencing setup the lighting presents a few unique problems. The lights in the room should not face the VC camera. Also, the light should not reflect from any object or clothes into the VC camera. To add to this, if the lights are overhead, then we see shadows under the eyes and the chin. People are found complaining that "Our people don't look like themselves" or "We look pale" or " Our faces look dark"

Lighting is one of the many bumps on the road to successful videoconference meetings. For true success in video conferencing the participant must be able to relate to one another as if looking through a window to the next room. Shiny featureless faces or black circles in place of eyes, do not support the illusion of presence in the meeting room.

Many attempts at solving videoconference lighting problems have resulted in only marginal success. The primary failure is due to the fact that lighting requirements for a videoconference are different than any other application. Lighting a videoconference room like you would a TV news studio, lecture hall, or stage show is simply treating video conferencing like something that it isn't.

You can see below, when lighting is done correctly there is an undeniable improvement in the image you send.

Trend –
Unfortunately, many do not pay attention to this aspect of a Videoconferencing setup. At times clients do not wish to disturb the aesthetic look and feel of the room that is recommended by the architect. Other times it is due to the fact that the purchase of the Videoconferencing system was of a sizeable value and clients do not wish to spend further. Whatever the reason, the poor lighting design can make an expensive Videoconferencing system look ordinary.

Depending on the desires and needs of each client a number of solutions are possible. Some clients are simply looking for improvement without a complex study and design. Other clients want a complete analysis and full lighting design, to be assured the best possible results.

Options/USPs –

  • Lighting requirements for VC are different than any other application
  • Lighting a VC room like you would a TV news studio, lecture hall, or stage show does not help
  • We need to define the critical aspects of the room, the multiple aspects of light, the nature of video conferencing hardware and software, and the nature of the people who use videoconference
  • Solutions with light dimming and presets available

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