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Video Walls

Common man’s definition –
The effect of creating one giant video image across a stack of monitors or TVs tiled together is called a Videowall. It is typically seen in retail malls and Network Operation Centers.

Intro –
First introduced in Europe and Japan in the early 1980's and to the US market in mid-1986, early videowall processors could only handle standard television signals, with only generally modest results when the image was expanded. And the displays themselves comprised stacked television monitors with significant screen-to-screen distance. And yet the effect of creating one giant video image across a stack of monitors was so compelling that videowalls became very popular, especially in retail store design and for trade show use.

One of the biggest advances in video/data wall display was the introduction of rear screen projection cubes - in simple terms a box with a flat screen on the front and a projector at the back. The primary benefit of rear screen projection is the ability to reduce the screen to screen distance to the thickness of the cabinets and/or the frames holding the individual screens - today as little as 1.5mm total mullion size.

Trend –
The other great advance in videowall technology has been in the increased resolution and overall image quality, and the ability to handle and display very accurately much higher resolution signals such as computer graphics and HDTV (High Definition Television).

Very high frequency signal processing, combined with nearly seamless, high resolution displays, today provide a truly no-compromise display medium that can be used in the most demanding corporate, industrial and military applications, in addition to retail and site-based entertainment.

Options/USPs –

  • Arrange multiple display units to create a large display wall
  • Seamless walls can be created
  • USP – 24x7 runtime; Color uniformity between display units; highest resolution; dual lamp options; servo motors for optical alignment; front and rear serviceable; Low cost of Maintenance; One year lamp warranty
  • Easy upgrade path
  • Lowest TCO in a 24x7 application
  • Short set-up time

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