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Electronic White Boards

Common man’s definition –
These are white boards that allow you to save and print a copy of whatever one writes on it. And when used in combination with a projector, it becomes an interactive touch screen.

Intro –
Electronic whiteboards are designed to enhance your presentations and provide maximum effectiveness for meetings, classrooms, discussions and demonstrations. Also known as copyboards and printboards, they allow you to write, save, and print in color.

They are the most effective and simple solution to better presentations and brainstorming. You can capture your whiteboard notes and allow instant saving, publishing, printing and emailing so your audience can focus on the presentation rather than note taking. No more incomplete notes or racing with the eraser. Let them listen & learn!

Interactive whiteboards enhance the teaching & learning process and eliminate common problems with presentations. Take control of your projected presentations by using a interactive whiteboard. When used with any projector the presenter can control the computer from the board so there is no more fussing with the mouse & keyboard and losing contact with the audience.

Options/USPs –

  • Replaces the conventional white board and save a soft copy of all that you write
  • Take a print out or email the minutes of the meeting to all participants or students
  • Project presentations & enjoy the ‘touch-screen’ experience
  • ‘Annotation’ feature to take snapshot of your original slide with the written notes overlaid on it (saves as a separate file leaving the original intact)
  • Available in 48”x36”, 60”x48” & 80”x60”
  • Trolley based solution available (see photo)

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